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竞技宝app官方下载-竞技宝手机版-竞技宝app网页竞技宝app官方下载-竞技宝手机版-竞技宝app网页 is a professional operating domestic and foreign trade companies of various kinds of flame retardants. Main products: ChenZhou brand Nano-grade Sb2O3, High purity Sb2O3, Gengral grade Sb2O3. Plastics functional masterbatch. Sodium antimonate.Ethylene glycol antimony, Aluminum hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide, Zinc borate, DBDPE, HR - 100. APP, DPK, TPP, Eight Bromine Bisphenol S Ether. Brominated polystyrene. Epoxy soybean oil, Eight ammonium molybdate. Red phosphorus masterbatch.They are widely used in rubber, plastic, electronic products, pigment, chemical fiber, nylon, resin, paint, paint and other industries.
Guanwei is the main agent for "Chen Zhou" brand antimony product, our manufacturer is Chang De ChenZhou Antimony Co, LTD, It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad,the company passed the authentication of"quality/environment/occupational health and safety" three-in-one management system.